The Indian Society of Dental Traumatology is a professional association of dental professionals with an aim to link people from various spheres of dentistry to work together and share knowledge about various aspects of dental trauma management. The main aims are to inspire, innovate and implement. Dental Trauma management requires an extensive knowledge of several fields in medicine and dentistry. There have been developments in strategies for dental trauma management with advent of technology and newer materials. Hence this field requires inspiration for next generation and innovation for excellence.

World over the dental trauma management is compromised due to lack of adequate knowledge about handling of avulsed tooth and first aid at the site of trauma by the parents, schoolteachers and paramedical staff. Indian Society of Dental Traumatology is committed to generate awareness about dental trauma and first aid after trauma for all stakeholders.

This society shall be a non-profit organization of dental professionals primarily concerned with dental trauma from practice, academics and research. There will be adequate representation from under graduate and postgraduate students in the society. Overall aim is to achieve excellence in Dental Trauma management for all.

Founding office Bearers of the ISDT:

President : Dr Ajay Logani (Prof & Head, Endodontics, CDER AIIMS, New Delhi)

Vice President : Dr Vijay Prakash Mathur (Prof & Head, Pedodontics, CDER AIIMS, New Delhi)

General Secretary : Dr M.S. Muthu (Prof & Head, Pedodontics, SRM & RI, Chennai)

Joint Secretary : Dr Nitesh Tewari (Assistant Prof, Pedodontics, CDER AIIMS, New Delhi)

Treasurer : Dr Latha Nirmal (Assistant Prof, Clinical Psychology, SRM & RI, Chennai)

EC Member : Dr A Balamurugan (Assistant Prof, Forensic odontology, SRM & RI, Chennai)

EC Member : Dr Steven Rodrigues (Prof & Head, Pedodontics, GDC, Goa)