Indian Society of Dental Traumatology has a mandate for increasing the awareness of the different sections of society for prevention and emergency management of traumatic dental injuries.The first step in this direction is the ISDT EMIT (ISDT Emergency Management of Injured Teeth) Program which was launched in Goa in 2019 as a trial project. The ISDT EMIT program was officially inaugurated in the 2nd ISDT Conference with release of a poster and one day training program for the school teachers. It is aimed to include over 5000 school teachers in this program in the next 2 years. Similar initiatives will be undertaken in other parts of the country as well with the efforts of the members of ISDT.


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There is a lack of adequate knowledge on handling avulsed and fractured tooth fragments and their first aid at the site of trauma by the parents, schoolteachers and paramedical staff. This has resulted in late reporting, improperly handled avulsed tooth and occasionally infected soft tissue after dental trauma. Indian Society of Dental Traumatology is committed to generate awareness about dental trauma and first aid after injuries for all stakeholders.

The management philosophy used by general dentists for various traumatic injuries are varying based on their experience and the knowledge they acquired during their dental school training. Consenus has to be arrived on following Evidence Based Guidelines among the practicing fellow dentists. Enhancing awareness regarding this also remains as one of the primary goals of ISDT.

The aim is to create educational modules (online and print) for parents, schoolteachers, sports coaches and paramedical staff about primary care/ first aid in case of dental trauma. Further, efforts will be made for awareness generation among the masses about importance of prevention of dental trauma and early reporting to dental trauma team.

IADT Guidelines for management of Traumatic Dental Injuries in primary and permanent teeth